Learn How To Detail A Car The Right Way

Often, people find it hard to differentiate between car washing and car detailing, and in most cases, they use the terms interchangeably. However, the two terms may have a few similarities but have major differences as car detailing goes beyond and much deeper than a mere cleaning of the car inside and out. When going for car detailing, you must start with car washing and vacuuming. Using specialized tools and car detailing supplies, you can give your car a thorough cleaning. This may involve even the removal of some parts of the car to ensure you get into the deeper parts, cracks, and crevices that are completely hidden. After realizing thorough car detail, you can now apply specialized products to your car to boost its appearance and protect it from future possible damage and dirt. A good car detail can make your car smell and appear like a new car. The following steps will help you learn how to detail a car the right way.

Interior car detailing

For interior car detailing, start by removing the small trash bag. Collect all dirt and particles that may be big for the vacuum cleaner such as food wrappers, old napkins, or loose coins. You should also remove all the floor mats and clean them separately. In addition, if you realize some unpleasant odors in the car, remove them. You can put the car fan on which will help to drive away from the unpleasant odor. Also, learn the hard surfaces of the car such as plastic and vinyl dash and console pieces. The car has some other soft surfaces which will require your attention. Be keen when carrying out car detailing on these surfaces such as door panels. Upholstery cleaners can give your car a detailed interior clean-up.

Exterior car detailing

For exterior car detailing, the process may be similar to the interior but gives a significantly better result. The exterior car detailing should be done in direct sunlight to ease your work and prevent water spots. To do a thorough exterior car detailing, you should start from the top to the bottom. Carefully and keenly rinse the outside of the car to loosen the dirt and grime. Using tire and wheel brushes, you should clean up the tires well. Next, do a thorough clean-up on the engine bay. This ensures your engine is well protected and lasts longer. Finally, for complete car detailing, you have to finish by polishing and shining your car. Using specialized car detailing supplies, you can give your car a new and pleasant look.

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